Here’s how we can help you grow your business

By talking to our clients about their graphic design and general marketing and developing ideas for their future print collateral, we’re able to guide them along a solid path to greater brand recognition, strong print marketing campaigns, and growth in their business. This growth is large scale, but it begins with our work in the finer specifics. We specialize in attention to details that attributes to overall aesthetic excellence.

We focus on print collateral, additionally offering our expertise in writing, editing and photography. We coordinate with their web development team to be sure we are working collaboratively to develop cohesive branding and messaging. Once a project has met with a final approval from the client, we coordinate the printing or pass off the job to the client, who then arranges their own printing with a firm of their choice.

You’ll find a variety of pricing on our services if you scroll down this page.

We design just about anything you can imagine in print:

Data Sheets
White Papers
Annual Reports

Direct Mailers
Business Cards
Business Stationery
Trade Show Signs
Trade Show Booths

Booklets / Books
Social Media Images


Pricing an item without understanding what it will entail is impossible. But this list will give you at least a starting point. Most pricing is based on our base rate of $75/hr. and is for design only. Some people confuse design with printing. Our pricing is for design only. We are not printers! But we are happy to recommend a local printer for you.

8.5 x 11 Trifold Brochure Layout


8.5 x 11 Data Sheet Design


8 page full color newsletter layout


4 page full color newsletter design


Advertising design


Logo creation