We love small businesses!

We are an innovative creative firm specializing in the graphic design of your company’s print collateral. From logo design and branding to business brochures, data sheets to newsletters, direct mailers to annual reports, we design marketing pieces that will satisfy the tactile and human desire of many of your customers—to hold something in their hands, feel the texture, turn it over, read at their leisure, and fold and unfold a tangible reminder of your business.

Why do we love small businesses as clients? We all know there are multi-million dollar companies in the marketplace that seem to have unlimited marketing dollars to spend with large agencies. But we feel the smaller businesses are often neglected because they don’t command that limitless marketing fund that the larger companies do. We love working with these folks and helping them to get the most out of their smaller budgets, while creating beautiful work that will help them sell their products and services. Creativity is limitless, and we like to push those limits with small firms!

Owner Susan Englert has proven over her 40 year graphic design career to be a creative, action-oriented problem solver, able to motivate, inspire and provide innovative solutions to design and print problems.

Our core values and what our clients mean to us


Honesty. Integrity. Understanding. Relationship. 

Our goal is to provide our clients with creative solutions that make sense in their marketing plans and their budgets. But how we accomplish this is the key to our success. Susan Englert says: “We listen. We learn about you and your business. We’re honest with you. We want to know what’s important to you. Of utmost importance is building a relationship with you. Without that relationship based on honesty and solid values and understanding, we can’t achieve our clients’ goals.”

We have years of experience in the print industry and we have a good idea of what things will cost to print. If a client wants something that we know will cost them an arm and a leg, we’ll educate them on the “why” and help them come up with a solution that will work well for them. We keep our clients’ budgets top of mind. Sure, we’d love to always design those tougher, more creative, elaborate projects! But if our clients can’t afford what we’re designing, what’s the point? We’re a small business too, so we “get it.”